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Road Trip Notebooks

Road Trip Notebooks were made from pictures of different parts of the country, plus Canada. We all have favorite places when we travel. I might like the mountains, you might like the beach, and friends might like the desert. Road trips allow us to visit areas we like, and hopefully experience some new areas. These […]

Travel Souvenir Magnets

Unique magnets designed as souvenirs, or inspirational messages to decorate your RV fridge.  Of course they aren’t just for your RV, they would also be a great gift for a vision board.  Put them on your fridge at home as a visual reminder of places you would like to visit.    Albuquerque New Mexico Balloon […]

Hurricanes and RVs

Hurricanes and RVs are a bad mix. In  fact, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and most extreme weather is different for RVers.  Sure we have wheels, and can pick up and go, but often a natural disaster occurs without warning.  Even if we do have warning, some people think they can just ride out the storm.  This […]

California National Parks

California National Parks are some of the most visited National Parks. California is home to nine National Parks,  with virtually something for everyone.  There are more National Parks in California than in any other state in the United States.  Below you will find the names of each of the 9 National Parks, and information  on […]

Quartzsite Arizona Activities

Are you looking for things to do in Quartzsite, Arizona?  Snowbirds from all over the United States and Canada converge on this small mining town during the winter and turn it into a mecca of activity.  Gem and Mineral Shows including the famous Pow Wow and the month long rock show are some of the […]


Work Camping Problems

“Blessed are those that don’t take anything for granted” is a good mantra for handling work camping problems.  Work camping is one way that many people finance their travels but it’s not without problems.  There are all kinds of work camping jobs, and just as many problems.  Being prepared and having a flexible attitude will […]

Van Dwellers

Van dwellers are people that live in vans or other vehicles that aren’t RV’s.  Van dwellers have made a choice, and although many have moved into this lifestyle because of necessity, some have chosen it for the freedom and a way to save money.  Urban van dwellers might go stealth and park their van on […]