Essential RVing and Camping Equipment: Battery Jump Starter

‘Go Rving’ the ads say. ‘See the sights and explore all that America has to offer’. While I cannot disagree with this concept in theory because it truly is a great way to live, there are things that the travel brochures do not tell you. It’s not ‘all beer and skittles’ despite what they may want you to believe, but if you are prepared for just about any contingency you can spend more time having fun and less worrying about potential problems arising.

Things go wrong in even the best of circumstances, and one of the common problems RVers and Van Dwellers face at some point in their travels is low or dead batteries. It is easy to leave something on that drains all the power out of your batteries, or simply your batteries near the end of their useful life and need replacing. If you are out in the middle of nowhere you can’t simply call AAA to come and rescue you as easily as you could if you were in or near a major city.



When you turn the key and nothing happens you will likely have a momentary feeling of dread.  You contemplate all that you will have to go through to get back on the road, but then you remember the battery jump starter that someone insisted you buy as a “precautionary measure.”  That moment of panic quickly passes and you are thankful that you heeded that advice. You hook up your battery jump starter to the main battery in your RV and within seconds it fires right up.


What is a Battery Jump Starter Good For?

There are many reasons batteries fail. The common ones are that they are due for replacement due to age, you accidentally discharged them by leaving something on, and sometimes extreme temperatures will make your batteries weak. Whatever the cause using a battery jump starter to get them enough power to start your RV is often all that is required.

A battery jump starter can be used for many things besides starting your vehicle. It can be used to start other motorized vehicles besides your RV. If you are into boating, jet skiing or other watercraft sports there is always the possibility that you may need to use a jump starter to get them running. You can also use one to inflate tires if fitted with a compressor, as well as other inflatable items.

A battery jump starter is good for:

  • Jumping your battery
  • Charging your cell phone
  • Running a laptop computer, stereo or audio/video equipment  
  • Emergency lighting 
  • Starting a weak generator
  • 12 volt power outlet (great for those portable showers that need power)

These mighty little power boxes take up very little space but is an item that is ‘worth its weight in gold’ when you need an additional source of power.

Battery Jump Starter for your RV or Van Toolbox

Buying a battery jump starter before embarking upon your RVing adventures will pay off very quickly the first time you find yourself stranded with low or dead batteries. Just the cost of an emergency service call alone will justify the price of a good quality battery jump starter.

Jump starters vary in price and power.   I have tried a few from Walmart, and they were practically useless. This is the one has a reasonable price, great quality and long lasting durability:

JNC 660 Battery Jump Starter
Available at Amazon.com

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