Best RV Travel Guides 2019

Are you looking for the 2019 or 2020 travel guides? Campers and RVers like to be prepared when traveling. These are a few of the best RV travel guides including the newest 2019 Road Atlas’s, one of which has larger maps.  Paper guides are very useful because GPS can’t tell us everything, and there are times that our phone or GPS don’t work. I know!

Next Exit

I know that when we travel sometimes it’s hard to know what to expect at the next exit. Will there be a bathroom available? Will it be easy to get back on the freeway? How about space to turn around in a Class A Motorhome or RV? Yes, I know that many times knowing what to expect, and how far away the next campground is can make a big difference in stress levels. That’s why the first Travel Guide here, Next Exit updated in 2018 is so valuable, it tells you what to expect a couple minutes down the road.

When I was looking to find the best books for RVing the one that was highly recommended to me was the Next Exit.  This book tells you what to expect from the next exit off the freeway. I understand there isn’t one for Highway 1 in California, and I even thought of putting something together, but nixed the idea because of the amount of work. It’s so much easier to just buy the book from Amazon.

RV and Campground Directories

If you aren’t a member of Passport America, then you might want to join them to get 50% off your camping fee.  I have had my membership for several years now, and have found it to pay for itself very quickly.  If you are already a member then you know that the Campground Directory shows you all the places, in each state, that accept Passport America,  Members can get the newest Guide here.

Good Sam is one of the Campgrounds that most people are aware of, and that’s because they are affiliated with Camping World.  They also have their own campground directories, and you can get it here if you want.  Good Sam Camping Directory.

RV and Camping Travel Guides

National Parks are some of the most visited places in America each summer. This guide will help you learn about the different National Parks in the state you’re traveling through. Once you get to the National Park they have a small book you can buy in the gift shop that tells you about the parks, and you can get a stamp at each park you visit. This is a good activity for kids also. The book at the park is good, but it doesn’t tell you how to get to the different parks, that’s why the Guide to National Parks will be valuable for you in your travels.

And then we have the tried and true, Atlas. A better, larger maps for those tired, travel, eyes. It is also Spiral bound, which is different for an Atlas. As we all know, Google maps, and our GPS are great, but having these maps is an added security measure. Don’t leave home without them.

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