Camping Activity Making a Walking Stick

Making a walking stick is a good camping activity.  You, or the kids, can make one to fit your personality from a stick, or branch, you find while traveling or hiking.  Many campers and hikers love walking sticks, and in many camp stores you can buy one, but it’s much more fun to make your own.

I found a piece of wood at Bennett State Park in Missouri that was exactly what I was looking for.  It still had bark on it, and wasn’t all the way dry so I just put it in a corner of my RV and left it there for about a month.  Typically you want to let it dry for a couple weeks before carving or painting, but taking the bark off is best when it’s still a bit green.

What are the benefits of a Walking Stick


There are several benefits to having a walking stick, or walking cane, with you when you are hiking.  The first one is a walking stick helps you with stability, especially if you are on uneven terrain.  You can use it to help you as you walk, help you get up or down, and use it to poke into bushes to make sure there aren’t any snakes. 



The First Steps to Making A Walking Stick

Before your wood is dry, you might want to take any bark off of it if you want to paint it, stain it, or carve it.  It’s easier to do when it’s not all the way dry, but either way works.  You will want to make sure the size fits you, or the person you are making it for.  The best rule of thumb is to measure from under your armpit.

The next thing is to get a feel of the stick.  The stick I found had a few areas that I could see things already in it, like these big eyes that said Owl to me.  Or the Eagle that appeared near the bottom.  These will be your starting points for figuring out how you want to make yours.  I chose bright and fun, but it’s really all in how you want it to be.  Your choices are only limited by your imagination.


My Walking Stick with Native American Symbols

I have a deep spirituality and wanted to add some Native American symbols that would tell a story to my walking stick.  It started with me on my journey.  Each picture below tells what that symbol is and why I included it.  This was my journey, so you would probably do something completely different.

Camping Activity Making a Walking Stick



The first thing I painted was the symbol for woman as I was traveling by myself.  This was the first symbol I put on my walking stick.  Woman on a journey, camping

Symbol for Woman plus an owl that was in the wood.







Traveling was my dream for when I retired.  I wanted to go on a journey to see all 50 states, meeting new people and learning more about the United States. 

The symbol for journey had to be on my walking stick.





RVing and camping in my converted Suburban were part of my journey, so the camping symbol fit also.  The top of my walking stick was telling a story.




Walking Stick symbols for mountains and water


I put this symbol on there because of the travels I was doing.  RVing across the United States I went over mountains, and went from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.  I also Kayaked in several states and Canada, so the symbols for mountains and water was perfect.





An eagle showed itself to me in the wood.  There was a raised part that looked like a beak, then further down it looked like feathers.  I could see how it was an eagle so that’s what I made from that initial vision.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised at the cartoon nature that came out, but it was OK as my inner child loved it!





Camping Activity Personalized Walking Stick


After putting the Native American symbols on the top and the owl and Eagle on the staff I was done.  All I needed to do was either put linseed oil on it, or polyurethane.  I chose the polyurethane.   For all practical purposes my walking stick was done, and it was full of memories.  This was one of my favorite camping activities and I worked on it in several states, at several campgrounds.  I could drill a hole and add a leather strap, but I never liked them, so won’t. 





It doesn’t matter what your walking stick looks like to be useful to you.  So, if you are camping and want a fun camping activity, go ahead and make your own walking stick.

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