Camping Paper Dolls: Free Printables

Free Printable's Paper Dolls

Camping paper dolls are free printable’s we designed just for your young campers. Most kids love camping,  and arts and crafts is a way they can be creative. These camping paper dolls will help entertain your kids during quiet time They can also play with them while sitting by the campfire or in the RV while driving to the next destination. Kids have great imaginations, and these Kamp Kids allow your child to play out different camping scenarios with a whole camp ready to print and color. I think they’ll like these.  The website that is on the Kamp Kids is our old one, now we just have the minus the Vagabond Trails.

Materials Needed for our Papercrafts Camping Paper Dolls


paper dolls arts and crafts for kids

  • Printer – or have a local copy shop print it out for you.
  • Photo Paper – Standard matte photo paper works best for color and stability. You could use card stock if you want as long as it’s 180-220gr/m2 paper (talk to the print shop if you are unsure of weight).  Another option is Magnetic Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Imagination

This is just a small example of the Kamp Kids.

Click here to see  all and to get your copy of these cute  camping paper dolls free printable papercrafts.



Assembly Instructions

There are 2 pages to our paper dolls.  The first page has both a boy and a girl with outfits, and the second page has the camping accessories.  All the basics for camping including  a tent, lantern, fire and food. You won’t find these Kamping Kids anywhere else.

Print, then color the paper dolls and all the camping items. After you have added your own touch then go ahead and cut them out. It’s best to use a heavier card stock so the paper dolls stand up, as well as the tent. Now all your child needs is their imagination to have a good time.

There is another option, but this one requires an adult to help.  If you print the dolls and the accessories onto Magnetic Paper, then they will last longer.  You might want to use an xacto knife to get a nicer cut, but this needs to be done by an adult as the knives are too sharp for young children.  If you want to try the magnetic paper you can get it here. 

Important if using Magnetic Paper from one of the customers on Amazon:

I have made magnetic paper dolls with paper like this. The trick is to make sure you print everything going in the same direction. For example, if you print the dolls using portrait setting, but then print the clothes on landscape, the magnets may repel each other rather than attract. Some of the items I printed for the dolls ended up in the bin because they were not aligned to the same magnetic poles

Make your own Paper Dolls

If you want to make your own paper dolls, or more accessories for our Kamping Kids here is a list of supplies you’ll need.

  • white paper (thicker paper if you want them to be able to stand up) or magnetic paper for both the dolls and clothes
  • pencil
  • ruler if want or need straight lines
  • scissors ( it goes without saying to supervise little ones with scissors)
  • crayons, markers, or paint
  • fabric scraps
  • glitter
  • glue
  • ribbons

As adults we know the value of play, and many of us played with paper dolls.  Have fun and you might even find yourself designing camping paper dolls with your kids!






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