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Casual Camping: Truck Bed Tents

truck bed tent

Truck Bed Tents Make Camping Easy

When one thinks of camping it often brings to mind RV camping or tent camping, but for those who like to be prepared at all times or just want to stop overnight whenever and wherever they choose, a truck bed tent will provide a place to sleep. The truck bed tent is a lightweight, compact way to go camping that doesn’t require hauling a trailer or packing a lot of gear.

Benefits of Truck Bed Tents

Keen campers know that when the decision to go camping has been made there can be hours of preparation required before actually being able to hit the open road. There are so many things to locate and check for damage from being stored, and then it all needs to be packed as compactly and neatly as possible into the vehicle. Often by the time the vehicle is packed the desire to go camping has dwindled somewhat.
  • With a truck bed  tent always stored in the vehicle you can stop anywhere, at anytime, put up the tent and you at the very least have a roof over your head and somewhere to sleep. While you may not have all the comforts of a RV or motorhome you have the bare necessities. Those spontaneous decisions to take off for the weekend are so much easier to manage.
  • Storage is considerably less of an issue than that of a RV or motorhome. Provided your tent is packed away neatly it takes up very little room in your vehicle and can be left in it permanently if that is desirable. Alternatively it will only need a small space in the garage when not in use. 
  • You can get more off the beaten track in a 4WD truck than you can in a motorhome or RV and still be able to camp overnight. Having the truck bed tent is particularly handy if you find yourself uncomfortable with the thought of trying to navigate your way out of a remote area after dark. You can spend the night in the tent and then set out at daylight when it is much easier to see where you are going.
  • Got kids? Almost every kid wants to camp out and sleep in a tent. While the truck bed tent is not quite the same as pitching a tent in the wilderness your kids can safely have a sleep over in the truck, parked under your watchful eye. It will give them a sense of adventure and a chance to enjoy a fun experience.
  • Great for long distance driving. Road trips done ‘on the cheap’ usually entail trying to grab a few hours sleep in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. With a truck bed tent you can at least stretch out in comfort while grabbing that few hours of rest before continuing on your journey. You can save on the cost of a motel that you likely would only spend 4 to 6 hours in and yet still be comfortable.


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