Rattlesnake Safety for Kids Free Printable

Rattlesnake Safety free printable coloring page for kids. Rattlesnake Safety free printable coloring page for kids and other books on snake safety for those that are camping or RVing. Kids and pets are curious and often get into trouble because…
Camping Activities Collecting Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars: Beach Camping Activity

Sand Dollars are treasures we find at the beach. Looking for Sand Dollars is a great activity for kids and adults that like nature. Sand dollars don’t wash up on all beaches, but if they do it’s worth the time and effort to go look for them.…

Camping Activity Making a Walking Stick

Making a walking stick is a good camping activity.  You, or the kids, can make one to fit your personality from a stick, or branch, you find while traveling or hiking.  Many campers and hikers love walking sticks, and in many camp…
Children making Dreamcatchers

Dream Catcher Kits for Children of All Ages

An integral part of their culture, the dream catcher is a traditional Native American item with great significance. A great way for children to get an introduction to their heritage is through the making of a dream catcher. Even if not of Native…
Kayaking La Jolla Cove California
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Kayaking, Camping, and Traveling

Kayaking , camping, and traveling go hand in hand for many people.  The serenity of paddling on a beautiful river, or sea kayaking  is the perfect "relaxing" activity.  You don't have to own your own Kayak, many tourist areas…
Traveling in Arizona Wupatki
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Wupatki National Monument and Sunset Crater Arizona

Wupatki  National Monument and Sunset Crater in Arizona are open year-round, except Christmas Day. The Visitor Center hours are from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, and the Wupatki Pueblo is open to the public only when the center is open as you have…

Snake Safety Tips for Kids

Snake Safety tips for kids helps reinforce snake safety with our free printable. Smaller kids can use this to learn how to avoid snakes before you leave on your camping or RV road trip.  Kids are naturally curious and often get into trouble…
Camping and RVing at South Carlsbad State Beach
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Carlsbad State Beach Camping and RVing Info

South Carlsbad State Beach is located in Southern California, in the town of Carlsbad.    There are 222 camp sites at the South Carlsbad State Beach Campground. On the North end there are 130 sites and on the South end are sites 131-222.…
Santa Driftwood Carving

Woodcarving Driftwood for Gifts

Woodcarving Driftwood Makes Wonderful and Unique Gifts Driftwood carving also known as woodcarving driftwood is something that other people tend to ask me about quite a lot. They wonder how you can take a piece of ordinary wood washed up…