Dog-Friendly Places to Stay

One of the challenges dog owners face when traveling with their canine family members is finding hotels, motels, RV parks and other dog-friendly places to stay. Many establishments simply do not allow pets of any kind, and a number of RV parks and camping grounds have rules against pets so it can be difficult to find a place that you and your four-legged friend(s) are welcome to spend the night at. 

Casual RVers can plan well in advance, take the time to locate places to stay that welcome them and their dog, but for the full-time RVer who finds themselves suddenly faced with a mechanical issue that requires their home on wheels to stay at a repair shop overnight or longer, there may not be time or consistent Internet to allow for searching for a suitable place to sleep while the RV is being serviced.


BringFido.com is a website and smartphone app that has a directory of over 200,000 places that you can stay with your dog, and restaurants that allow dogs on the premises. While knowing which hotels, motels, restaurants and other establishments are dog-friendly is helpful, bringfido.com has a lot more to offer, including reviews from other dog owners so you can see which places other travelers recommend.

Other places you can find out about are:

  • beaches that are either designated specifically for dogs and their owners or allow dogs
  • dog parks that are safe zones for dogs to be off-leash 
  • recommended veterinarians
  • so much more!

The site is not limited to traveling within the United States either. Considering taking your dog with you overseas? Check out bringfido.com for all the information you could possibly need about airline regulations, rules applying to specific countries regarding bringing animals in, and so much more. Chances are if you have questions, bringfido.com has the answers.

You can also join the forum on the site and ask specific questions of other forum members that may not be covered by the site, or requires further insight that can only be gathered from other dog owners who have faced the same issues you are now facing. Becoming active within the forum may lead to online friendships and meetups, which is just a side bonus to all that the site offers.

Planning A Vacation For You and Your Dog

Planning a vacation and don’t know where to go? Start by exploring all of the dog-friendly vacation spots recommended by bringfido.com and other dog owners that use the site. You may discover places you have never thought of, with activities that encourage you to bring your dog and join in the fun!

BringFido.com is free to join and the app is also free to download. Just using their service once will save you time and money, but will also provide you with some much needed peace of mind should you find yourself in an emergency situation that requires you to find a dog-friendly motel or hotel to stay at. Check out the site for yourself and you will see that it has a lot of great information available, all at zero cost, providing fantastic value! 



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