Dream Catcher Kits for Children of All Ages

Children making Dreamcatchers

An integral part of their culture, the dream catcher is a traditional Native American item with great significance. A great way for children to get an introduction to their heritage is through the making of a dream catcher. Even if not of Native American blood the dream catcher is a fun item to make and they can learn about the history and tradition behind the making of dream catchers as they create their very own. Dream catchers are both fascinating and beautiful examples of hand crafting, which is why they easily catch the imaginations of kids of all ages from toddlers through teens and beyond.


Dreamcatchers for children of all ages


While in many parts of the US you can buy dream catchers to use as decorative items, making them is a fun and interesting craft to learn. For kids who love to make things this is a great way for them to not only work with their hands but have a keepsake once completed. It can then be hung in a prominent place to be admired and enjoyed for many years to come. Children like to hang them on the wall at the head of the bed to catch their dreams as they sleep.

Authentic dream catchers require specific materials, some of which are not typically found in the average home. Real bird feathers and animal sinew are used to create dream catchers that follow the traditional Native American method. For a child with Native American blood authenticity is likely to be important but as a fun craft for children who do not have Native American blood there are many great dream catcher kits available online. These kits all come with the materials needed to create a wonderful dream catcher children can call their own, and easy to follow instructions.


Because they are not large items these Dreamcatchers are suitable for making in an RV or Campervan. Here are just a few that are suitable for children of all ages to do:

Seedling Maker Your Dreamcatcher
Available at Amazon.com

Make a Sparkling Dream Catcher
Available at Amazon.com

Make Yourself a Bohemian Dream Catcher
Available at Amazon.com

Though the first two are designed for children to make they may require supervision and assistance at times. The Bohemian Dream Catcher is for older children and adults to make, so Mom can maker one alongside her child(ren) and make this a shared crafting experience. Particularly good for those days when the weather makes going outside difficult.

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