Fulltime RVing: Avoiding Stalkers

While striking up conversations with other like-minded people living fulltime in their RV is a great way to find out about other good places to go, as well as ensuring you get some social interaction and a break from the solitude of traveling alone or as a couple, there are people who, once engaged in conversation with, will find a way to “stalk” you, sometimes for weeks on end. Though this occurrence is somewhat rare, it is wise to be aware that such people do exist, and take action to avoid becoming the victim of a stalker.

Don’t Share Information

Your travel plans, next destination, even your living circumstances, should not be shared with anyone until you feel certain that they have no other interest than curiosity. A single woman should never volunteer the information that she is traveling alone, as women are often seen as easy targets for stalkers. You shouldn’t have to fabricate a fictitious friend traveling with you in order to make it appear that you are not alone, but on the other hand there is no requirement for you to give any indication that there isn’t someone else with whom you share the RV. 

  • Once a would-be stalker chooses you as their target their need to know everything about you will be paramount in their mind.
  • They will likely see you as their new friend and can mistakenly believe that you are just as interested in their friendship as they are in yours.
  • This can make it very difficult to politely turn down any invitations they may extend you without appearing to be rude or uncaring. In fact, they are likely to be very insistent and you may find yourself agreeing to meet with them in the hope that it will end with that one encounter.
  • Instead your stalker will see it as encouragement of the relationship between you, and you will find it even more difficult to avoid them.
  • It is better to continue to turn down their invitations, and as soon as practical move on to another location.
  • If your would-be stalker has shared their travel plans with you, bear that in mind, and ensure you go in a different direction.

If it comes to the point where you feel they are constantly watching you, you may find it necessary to pack up and move out in the middle of the night. If this is what it takes to ensure you escape their unwanted attention, then don’t hesitate. The longer you stay where they can watch you and try to interact with you, the more they will think you want their friendship.

Warning Signs

Unfortunately some people do not exhibit any warning signs in the initial stages of a stalker-victim relationship. It may take a couple of conversations with your would-be stalker before alarm bells begin to go off in your head. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Questions that cross the boundaries of natural curiosity and friendliness
  • Questions that are repeatedly asked, giving you an indication that they feel a strong need to know the answers
  • Unnatural curiosity about your living circumstances and/or intended travel route
  • Watching you constantly
  • Turning up in places that you would not expect them to be as if by accident
  • Attempts to see inside your RV for no reason
  • Unwanted gifts that make you feel obliged to reciprocate
  • Unwanted invitations that if accepted make you feel obliged to reciprocate
  • They have knowledge about you and your movements that you did not share with them

Common Stalker Personality Traits

A person who is a would-be stalker will often be very needy and clingy. They tend to desire constant contact with you and will find any excuse to talk to you or be around you. They may go as far as to be constantly touching your arm without cause. They may want to know about your plans each day, and try to get you to allow them to go with you when you meet others, go sightseeing or even to the supermarket. 

A stalker may know more about you than you remember telling them. They will watch you to see if you have established routines. Stalkers are often socially awkward and either don’t recognize boundaries or have no interest in observing them. They will tend to be ‘loners’ and if they find out you are also traveling alone will see it as a similarity and therefore a basis for a friendship. They may turn up uninvited at your door at odd hours of the day or night and even if you tell them you are going to bed will insist upon coming in and visiting.

When a stalker becomes serious about you being the target of their obsession they may exhibit jealous behavior if they observe you talking or interacting with others. They may stand very close to you when talking to you, causing you to feel intimidated by them.

Be Selective

Choose the people you engage in conversation with very carefully. Though just by looking at them a stalker is not obvious, once you begin to interact there may be signs that they are looking for someone to attach themselves to. If, after just a few minutes of talking you find that the other person is asking a lot of questions, or that the information they are sharing about themselves makes you feel uncomfortable, find a way to quickly but politely extricate yourself from the conversation and leave. If you truly feel ‘creeped out’ by them take note of their vehicle and license plate if possible, and drive away, keeping watch in your rearview mirror for signs of them following you.




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