Fulltime RVing: Combating Loneliness

For some people not having to interact with others for weeks at a time is a blessing, but for others being alone can become distressful after a time. Such is the life of the lone fulltime rver, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, as a nomad, you can choose when and where you see and talk to other people. The following are some tips to combat the loneliness that is often associated with living alone in an RV fulltime.

Stay Connected

While getting good Internet can be challenging in some areas more often than not you can find a spot that will allow you to get online and catch up with friends and family. Social media sites are popular with not only the young but everyone through to seniors. Chances are your family and friends have a Facebook profile, so create an account and then find your friends and family on there, send them a friend request and once they accept you can view their posts. Before embarking ensure you have email addresses for everyone you want to keep in touch with, and consider starting a blog that you can post about your adventures, and then send a link to everyone via email.

Make Friends

Small children can make friends instantly, and yet as we get older it seems to become more difficult. Lack of trust and an unwillingness to expose ourselves to potential emotional or financial hurt makes us reluctant to develop friendships, and yet there are various levels of friendship. You can feel a connection with someone you just met, and you can spend years trying to make a friendship work that was never destined to be a lifelong relationship. 

You can establish relationships with people through commenting on blogs, social media sites, around the area you are located, almost anywhere you look. The world is full of people who are alone, often lonely. Those people are likely to be happy to share a laugh or two with you. Whether you spend just a few minutes or several hours talking to a stranger, once a mutual interest in sharing has been established you are no longer strangers. Make the effort to start up conversations with people and see where it leads. You may part ways never to see each other again, or you may just discover that the new friend you have just made is someone who becomes very important to you. 

Be Proactive

When you feel that niggling of an idea that you may be lonely do something to combat it immediately. If that means packing up and moving onto somewhere there are more people around then do it. Don’t wait until loneliness becomes such a crippling emotion that you don’t feel able to seek out other people. If you act swiftly you may be able to avoid feeling lonely altogether. Just be aware that within a few days of being around people you may miss your solitude, and feel the need to go to less populated areas again.


Though dogs and cats are not great at conversation they do tend to be good listeners. Just the mere fact of having a dog or cat with you on your RVing adventure can make you feel less alone. You can share all your thoughts with a cat or dog and never have to worry that they judge you, or will run out and share your personal information with others. Though cats can be somewhat aloof at times the same is not true of dogs. Both enjoy attention and dogs in particular enjoy being with their owner.

Invite Company

If you have single friends, children or grandchildren, invite one of them to travel with you for a week or two. Just make sure that the person you invite is someone you feel you can live in very close proximity to for that time. A grandchild, child or friend would love to go on an RVing adventure with you, and will provide you with someone to talk to, enjoy activities with, and to explore new places with. Even just a few days with someone you enjoy spending time with can be uplifting, and help you avoid loneliness creeping in.

Call Someone

Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, so reaching out to someone is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing. If you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with that person, tell them that you are feeling a little lonely and needed to hear a friendly voice. There is no shame in feeling lonely. Even people who are surrounded by family and friends feel moments of loneliness, and when you are traveling alone and parking in remote areas loneliness is something that can creep up on you. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone then send them a text. Receiving a response will reassure you that you really are not alone at all!

Change Your Thoughts

Some people thrive on solitude and others find that the silence becomes deafening after a time. Decide which type of person you are before loneliness overcomes you and leaves you feeling sad. Nipping negative thoughts in the bud before they overwhelm you can help to keep loneliness at bay. See time alone as a chance to enjoy some solitude, and then when you are ready for being around people head out to the grocery store, a mall, or catch a movie. You may be alone but you don’t have to be lonely. Believe that you have the choice to be alone or around other people, and you will see that loneliness is very much a state of mind that can be overcome.

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