How to Convert to Metric When Traveling

Converting to Metric System while traveling in Canada

Do you need to know how to convert to metric from the system when traveling?  We  don’t use the Metric System in the United States. We use the Imperial system of measuring feet, miles, gallons, quarts, pounds and ounces, but if you travel to Canada or other countries you will need to know the Metric System.  The metric system uses different measurements like meters and grams, kilos and kilometers instead of miles.  So, how do you convert to metric when traveling?

Converting to a metric system can be quite confusing, but of course there are apps, sites, and tables to help you with the conversion.

Planning my road trip I just went to see how far a certain city in Canada was from another one I planned to go to  and realized that I would once again be in an area where Kilometers were used instead of miles.  And the weather would be in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

This could be important for several reasons, only one being so you know how far the next gas station is.  Can you imagine if you didn’t convert and you were running out of gas and thought the next station was only 10 miles away, but it turned out to be 16.09344 Kilometers.  Talk about running on fumes!

Converting  Miles to Kilometers

Almost all countries use kilometers for measuring distance but not the United States, we use miles.  Converting to a metric system while traveling can be confusing the first few times, but it’s totally doable.  The one thing about traveling to another country is not to keep comparing them and saying “Why don’t they have miles instead of kilometers like we do!”  You’d be surprised at how many people travel for the experience, but want everything to be the same.

Anyway, the basic conversion of a kilometer is: 1Km is approximately 0.6214 miles. 


Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius

The basic measurement of temperature in America is Fahrenheit, but in Canada it is Celsius.  I don’t get all scientific with my measurements, but round it off.  When we see temperature listed from people in most other countries it is Celsius or 20 C, but in America it would be about 70 degrees F.

Basically you double the Celsius temperature and add 30 to get Fahrenheit!. 


Converting to a Metric System While Traveling

Years ago America talked about converting to the Metric System and people had a fit, so it never happened. Now we are one of the only countries that don’t use it which is confusing when you are traveling. 

Here are a few of the basic conversions that you will probably need when traveling from the United States to Canada.

  • Driving Speed1 mile per hour = 1.6 kilometer per hour(kph) so if you are going 55 mph it would be approx 88 kph.
  • TemperatureRemember for each degree in Celsius you double it and add 30, that will give you the approximate temperature in Fahrenheit.  ex:25 C = 77 F
  • Shopping- When you go to the store the food won’t be in pounds, it will be kilograms. 2.3 lbs = 1 Kg

  • Liquid Measurements-  This is important when getting gas, or when shopping: 1 gallon= approx. 3.8 liters

Here’s a good site to convert just about everything you need when traveling.  Metric Conversions.


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