Hurricanes and RVs

Hurricanes and RVs are a bad mix. In  fact, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and most extreme weather is different for RVers.  Sure we have wheels, and can pick up and go, but often a natural disaster occurs without warning.  Even if we do have warning, some people think they can just ride out the storm.  This isn’t a good idea.

Here are some comments by other RVers, and suggestions to help you if you are being evacuated because of a hurricane.


RVers: before you leave, take good photos of the inside and outside of your RV. Take any sentimental items with you; everything else can be replaced.  This is if you have to leave your RV.

If you don’t have insurance NOW, chances are you won’t be able to buy it. Most companies won’t cover once any warnings are issued. As people have said before, you have wheels for a reason. GET OUT while you can. If you don’t leave, you should have your SS# marked on your body somewhere, so emergency people can identify your body later. Cat3 isn’t anything to mess with, and Cat 4 is worse. The navy has already moved their ships out to sea and Virginia Beach isn’t scheduled to be a direct hit. Think about that.

I’d far rather evacuate when it wasn’t needed, than stay and wish we’d left.

Pets can pose another issue when evacuating. People evacuating their homes with pets be sure you have  their rabies papers/tags. Shelters won’t take pets without them.  You will also want to take any medication they need, and food.   If you are lucky enough to be able to evacuate with your rig, then just make sure you leave as early as possible in order to beat the traffic. 

Watch and listen as some people offer free parking for RVs, and some campgrounds will also.  If not,  drive far enough away from the disaster then find a place to stay.

Gas…don’t forget to gas up before hitting the road, but again, don’t wait until the last day as stations run out.

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