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Kayaking, Camping, and Traveling

Kayaking La Jolla Cove California

Kayaking , camping, and traveling go hand in hand for many people.  The serenity of paddling on a beautiful river, or sea kayaking  is the perfect “relaxing” activity.  You don’t have to own your own Kayak, many tourist areas have Kayaks for rent, or Kayaking excursions where you use their Kayak.  Some campgrounds and RV parks or resorts also have ponds big enough to Kayak in, and some of them have their own Kayaks to use. 

There are a couple different kinds of Kayaks, a sit-on, and a sit-in.  You will also notice that a sea Kayak is different than one for whitewater rafting.  If you’re buying one, don’t just buy one that’s cheap, learn what type works best in the water you plan to use it the most.

Safety Tips for Kayaking

  • Don’t drink and paddle….we don’t need to tell you that although Kayaking is a great sport, it can turn dangerous and you need to know what to do, and be in the right mind to do it.
  • Wear a life jacket- some areas require you to actually wear one, not just have it with you.
  • Carry a whistle with you- this is good if you have to summon help and is the law for boating.
  • Learn your skill level before venturing out, and learn how to get back in your Kayak if  your Kayak tips over.  This is also called self-rescue.  Take a safety class.  Rental places usually go over the basics but they don’t teach this.  And practice, it’s better to practice rolling and getting back in before you need to know how to do it.
  • If you are a new Paddler be extra aware of wind speed.   A novice should use extreme caution in winds over 15 knots.
  • Don’t paddle alone is a safety tip you will hear often, however if you travel alone you might want to paddle alone.  Do tell someone your plans and if a particular park has a sign-in sheet near the water, do sign it.  If you don’t return  the rangers or volunteers will come looking for you.  A basic safety measure especially if you are Kayaking alone.
  • Take water with you.  You can dehydrate especially if you are  paddling on the Ocean.  Another tip is to take some mints with you and suck on them while paddling.  This helps with dry mouth.

Kayaking , Camping, and Traveling

Kayaking, camping, and traveling seem to all go together.  As a full-time RVer I have Kayaked in several states, and in several different water ways.  Below you will see a few of the different areas to Kayak.

Kayaking the Hopewell Rocks, a Unescu site, in New Brunswick, Canada is an experience not to be missed.  If you are traveling to Maine don’t miss a chance to go up to the Bay of Fundy.  The water is a chocolate color because of all the mud from the tides going in and out several times a day.  It’s during high tide that people kayak thru the arches of these rocks that are called “Flower Pots.” I paddled through the rocks while the wind was blowing at 20 knots.  Wow, what a lot of fun!


Traveling in Florida we went Kayaking to see the Manatee. None of the kids had ever kayaked before, but it’s not hard and they picked it up easily. The kids had a lot of fun and were really excited when they actually did see the Mantee swimming next to their Kayaks.  This picture is when everyone stopped for lunch and some playtime.


Ocean Kayaing Tour La Jolla California

Tourists traveling in California love the beaches in Southern California.  There are several places that rent Kayaks, but the caves in La Jolla are a popular Kayaking Tour experience.  They take you along the coast over to the caves and one by one you go into the caves.  Notice the different colored Kayaks?  Each different color is a different group. 



Kayaking at the campground

The serenity of an early morning paddle is great.  This is a beaver pond, part of the Meadowbrook Camping Area in Phippsburg, Maine.  They rent kayaks for just a few dollars and give you a life jacket to use.   You will see where the beavers have made their lodge, and along the shore you might be lucky enough to catch sight of one trying to fell one of the many trees. 



Kayaking and Camping

There is a great river in Western Arizona to Kayak.  Lots of birds and very serene.  Motorized craft isn’t allowed in this area so no worries about the typical Colorado River boat traffic.






Modifying Kayak for Disabled Paddler

Kayaks can be modified.   Seaspray Kayaking   in Bath, Maine teaches Kayak safety, has excursions, and can fix or modify your Kayak.  Here they are modifying a Kayak and adding a drain plug and more webbing to make self rescues easier. Seaspray has a couple locations. Look for the after season sales which is a great time to buy a used Kayak.






Boater Kayaking Safety Class

Kayak Safety Class

No matter if you travel by RV,  camper, or Van you can find different bodies of water to Kayak in.  Different states, and different parks have different rules including the need to pass a boater kayaking safety class.  Check online for individual state requirements.  Here is a link to one of the Online Paddle Sports Safety Classes.



I’ve never been asked for proof of any safety class, but then again the class is for us and our safety, not for some law enforcement person.

California is one of the states that will require everyone to have a boaters safety card.  This new rule is starting in January of 2018 but it is being phased in over several years. 



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