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Quartsite RV Show


Quartsite RV Show is in January of every year, but the actual days differ from year to year.  The Quartsite RV Show has been in existence since 1984 and just keeps getting better.  Currently it’s  called the Quartsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show and attracts anywhere an estimated 125,00 or more people a year.  I don’t know the exact amount, but I can tell you it’s pretty crowded, and now with the new ATV trails opened, there will be more people.  If you haven’t gone before, it’s truly a worthwhile experience.


There are several RV parks in the area, and the town is surrounded by free camping on BLM land. People can just pull over anywhere on the BLM land and dry camp for the duration of the show, which makes it nice.  Check to see if the land is free for 14 days or the long term area which cost you a fee to stay for the season.

Quartsite is about 20 miles east of Blythe, the last town along the 10 freeway before you get to Arizona, or 2 hours west of Phoenix.


The one thing that I learned from my last trip to Quartsite was not to get gas at the first gas station in Arizona.  It’s much cheaper at the Love’s Travel Station at exit 17, which is the border of Quartsite.  At least it’s the border of any civilization.  The second exit, on the North side there is an ARCO and this is typically the cheapest gas in town.


Quartise Gas Station

The Love’s Travel Center is the perfect place to get off the freeway.  They have cheap gas, good coffee, and clean restrooms.  Once you’ve stretched your legs, the road to go to the RV Show is right there.  You will want to turn right on Kuehnn Road if you are coming out of the gas station or left if you are coming off the bridge.



Once on Kuehn Rd. the large Rock and Gem Show is on the right hand side, but the RV show is further down the road.

Rock and Gem Show

It was a bit confusing to see the Quartsite RV show with a banner that said Tyson Wells RV Show.  Oh well, when you’re in these small desert communities you just go with the flow.  The show is free, and most of the parking is free.  Food is a bit pricey at the RV show, but who can resist the smells from the different vendors.

The big tent is where the RV Show is, and parking is wherever you can find it.  The vendors are both inside the tent and out, and you can find just about anything RV related there.  There are also work-camping companies set-up to interview you on the spot.  Look both inside and outside  the tent for the work-camper, camp host companies.  The one I got hired at was near the back, outside.  

Many people go to the RV Show just to find a job, while others go to look, and others to find some bargains or what’s the newest trends in RVs.  Whatever the reason,  if you haven’t been to the Quartsite RV Show put it on your calendar and be prepared for a unique experience.

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