Rattlesnake Safety for Kids Free Printable

Rattlesnake Safety free printable coloring page for kids.

Rattlesnake Safety free printable coloring page for kids and other books on snake safety for those that are camping or RVing. Kids and pets are curious and often get into trouble because of it, especially with snakes. Some of the snakes they come across won’t hurt them at all, but unless they know the difference, they can be seriously hurt.

Rattlesnakes are the most dangerous snakes, although the coral snake (found in Arizona and New Mexico) is the most lethal. If you get a good field guide for the kids, and teach them snake safety, everyone will feel better.

A couple quick facts for Rattlesnake Safety:


  • Rattlesnakes are more active at night than during the heat of the day. In the Spring you will see them more because they are just coming out of hibernation and need to eat.
  • Snakes hide in cool spots, or can be found sunning themselves on a rock. If you leave your shoes outside, look inside them before putting them on. Also be careful of reaching into spots that you can’t see completely as a rattlesnake could be in there getting out of the sun.
  • The coral snake is very pretty and looks similar to the non-poisonous King Snake. Teach kids the rhyme that could save their lives.


Red Touches Black Venom Lack.
Red Touches Yellow Kills a Fellow.


Rattlesnake Safety Printable Coloring Page for Kids


A good way to teach Rattlesnake Safety is with a field guide. Before camping or RVing in a new area, go over the field guide with your kids and get them acquainted with the snakes in the area. This is also a good time to use the Rattlesnake Free Printable for kids that we made. You can use it for a teaching tool, or you can buy one of these kid friendly books about snakes.

Have fun camping, and remember snakes don’t like humans and most of the Rattlesnakes will avoid you at all costs. However, it’s best to know what to do when you come across one unexpectedly.


Other free Papercrafts

A few other free Papercrafts will help keep your kids entertained while  you’re camping. 

The first one is our Kamp Kids Paper Dolls.

We also have a color wheel truck, and a Volkswagon Van perfect for camping by the beach.

Remember, you will want to have a card stock paper which is better for the truck and the van, as well as the Camping Paper Dolls.  You can print the Rattlesnake Coloring Page on regular paper.  Hope you have fun.


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