Road Trip Notebooks

Road Trip Notebooks were made from pictures of different parts of the country, plus Canada. We all have favorite places when we travel. I might like the mountains, you might like the beach, and friends might like the desert. Road trips allow us to visit areas we like, and hopefully experience some new areas. These […]

Camping Activities Collecting Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars: Beach Camping Activity

Sand Dollars are treasures we find at the beach. Looking for Sand Dollars is a great activity for kids and adults that like nature. Sand dollars don’t wash up on all beaches, but if they do it’s worth the time and effort to go look for them. Kids love this activity, and it lets them […]

Hurricanes and RVs

Hurricanes and RVs are a bad mix. In  fact, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and most extreme weather is different for RVers.  Sure we have wheels, and can pick up and go, but often a natural disaster occurs without warning.  Even if we do have warning, some people think they can just ride out the storm.  This […]


Dog-Friendly Places to Stay

One of the challenges dog owners face when traveling with their canine family members is finding hotels, motels, RV parks and other dog-friendly places to stay. Many establishments simply do not allow pets of any kind, and a number of RV parks and camping grounds have rules against pets so it can be difficult to […]

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The Joys of Fulltime RVing

Many people dream of giving up most of their accumulated possessions, packing the things that are near and dear to their heart, and setting off on an adventure in their RV, armed only with enthusiasm, a little money, and a wonder at the life ahead of them. The joys of fulltime rving are foremost in […]


Fulltime RVing: Avoiding Stalkers

While striking up conversations with other like-minded people living fulltime in their RV is a great way to find out about other good places to go, as well as ensuring you get some social interaction and a break from the solitude of traveling alone or as a couple, there are people who, once engaged in […]

make money with your rv

5 Keys to RV Longevity

Whether your RV is the latest Class A or something considerably more modest, chances are you have invested a lot of money in it. That being the case it only makes sense that you want your ‘investment’ to last a very long time. Any vehicle, regardless of whether it has just been driven off the […]


Fulltime RVing: Combating Loneliness

For some people not having to interact with others for weeks at a time is a blessing, but for others being alone can become distressful after a time. Such is the life of the lone fulltime rver, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, as a nomad, you can choose when and where you […]