RV Destinations.  When we are traveling to new areas we often look for information about our destinations, especially RV destinations. We might want to know where to go, where to camp, what’s around the area we are going to.  On this page we are in the process of developing some tourist info for some of the areas that are popular with RVers.


Arizona RV Destinations


Welcome to Quartzsite Arizona…winter home to RVers from across the United States and Canada.

The Arizona destination category will have info about the Grand Canyon, the snowbird hot spot of Quartzsite, and Winslow, Arizona where the Eagles song “Standing on the Corner” is memorialized.  Most people are familiar with the part of Route 66 that goes through Flagstaff, Winslow, and Kingman, but there are some old tourist areas still around heading from Winslow to New Mexico.

California RV Destinations

California RV Destinations include beaches, the desert, mountains, and areas where you can get a feel of the Old West.

Southern California is known for it’s beaches, Disneyland,  San Francisco, The Redwoods, and the Sierra Nevadas, but there is so much more to California.  Route 66 was a vibrant part of early California, and it ended at the Santa Monica Pier, in Santa Monica, California.  Amboy is one of the towns out in the Mojave Desert where route 66 made it’s way out of Arizona on it’s way across the desert to the Pacific Ocean.  There are so many RV Destinations in California that you could spend several years and not see all that it has to offer.  California is the 3rd largest state in the United States, the 5th largest economy in the world, and has the largest population of all the states, including Alaska and Texas that are actually larger in size than California.  Why is California so popular?  Some of the reasons are the weather, the beautiful beaches,  Disneyland, Hollywood, and the 9 different California National Parks  scattered throughout the state.  There is so much diversity in California that no matter what you like you can find a reason to add California as one of your RV destinations.

California National Parks