5 Keys to RV Longevity

make money with your rv

Whether your RV is the latest Class A or something considerably more modest, chances are you have invested a lot of money in it. That being the case it only makes sense that you want your ‘investment’ to last a very long time. Any vehicle, regardless of whether it has just been driven off the […]


RV Maintenance: Fuel Saving Tips


If the majority of your time in your RV is spent traveling from one place to another you are well aware that fuel is one of your largest expenses. As a general rule the larger the vehicle the more fuel it takes to travel distances, and even if your motorhome runs on diesel filling up […]


Dometic RV Refrigerator Repair: How to Save Hundreds of Dollars

RV Refrigerator Repair

Is your Dometic RV refrigerator broken?  Does it freeze everything, or not work at all?  This tip can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs.  I know because my RV refrigerator “broke down.”  I was frantic as I was traveling and having to throw out all my food.  Here’s the mistake I made, and hopefully […]


RV Battery Care and Maintenance

winter battery care

Batteries are like a lot of other things we rely on in that they perform best when well cared for. Your RV relies upon strong batteries not only to start and run the engine but also to power your appliances, interior lights and outlets. Without working batteries your RV is nothing more than a fancy […]


RV Tire Maintenance and Protection

Your tires are the most important thing between you and the road. It is for this very reason that keeping them in top condition at all times is vital to not only your travels but more importantly your safety. Tires tend to fail at the most inopportune times and if you find yourself stranded because […]


Making Best Use of Your RV Refrigerator

Living in an RV, whether full-time or just for a weekend getaway, became much easier when RVs started coming equipped with refrigerators. Fixing a meal on the road or while camping is now much simpler because food can be kept chilled. RV refrigerators are much smaller than most people are used to so there are […]


Essential RVing and Camping Equipment: Battery Jump Starter

‘Go Rving’ the ads say. ‘See the sights and explore all that America has to offer’. While I cannot disagree with this concept in theory because it truly is a great way to live, there are things that the travel brochures do not tell you. It’s not ‘all beer and skittles’ despite what they may […]

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Gifts for the First Time RVer

gifts for first time rvers

Buying your first RV or motorhome can be exciting but then comes the task of “outfitting” it with all the things you may need on a road trip. For many it is a totally new experience and it can be overwhelming to figure out what is practical to put in an RV and what is […]