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The Joys of Fulltime RVing

Many people dream of giving up most of their accumulated possessions, packing the things that are near and dear to their heart, and setting off on an adventure in their RV, armed only with enthusiasm, a little money, and a wonder at the life ahead of them. The joys of fulltime rving are foremost in their minds, with little to no thought as to the challenges this lifestyle comes with.

For many who begin their fulltime RVing lifestyle this way eyeopening experiences will be encountered, and soon they will realize one of two things; that living on the road is not all they thought it would be, or that they wish they had done it sooner.


Of all the benefits of living in an RV fulltime, having the freedom to go where and when you want is arguably the biggest one. Being able to say “I’ve seen all I want to see here; let’s move on” at any given moment gives a person a sense of freedom that few people ever gain.

With no upkeep of a home, no 9 – 5 job to hold down, and no neighbors to deal with, life on the open road can (and is for many) as stress-free as life gets. 


Regardless of where you travel within the United States there are sights to see that you likely will not encounter anywhere else. No two museums or art galleries are ever the same, with the local culture and history being unique to that area. There will always be something new to see or do wherever you travel. For those who love to discover interesting places, getting “off the beaten track” and staying in small towns will provide plenty of unique experiences. And of course the food varies from state to state!


The United States of America is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a variety of landscapes from desert to the lushest green valleys, and everything in between. Aside from the scenery within the many National Parks across the country, there are numerous other lesser known scenic spots that are so stunningly beautiful they will take your breath away. As you drive along roads you have never traveled before you will find plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy all this great country has to offer. For photographers there will be no end of great shots to take.


If you consider yourself to be a “people person” and love talking to strangers, fulltime RVing provides plenty of opportunity to meet new people. Not only other RVers, but local townspeople in every place you stop. Striking up a conversation while sitting in a park somewhere is easy to do and is a great way to find out about things to do and see in that area that no tourist guide will mention. Locals are only too willing to share their pride and love of their area, and therefore are a great source of reliable information.


From thick juicy homegrown beef steaks in Texas to freshly caught lobster in Maine and many other local delicacies to tantalize the tastebuds available in every state across the USA, traveling in an RV fulltime allows you to make a spontaneous stop for food that is “to die for” whenever the desire overtakes you. Even if eating out is not in the budget or something you don’t enjoy doing too often, you can still shop in the local supermarket and Farmers Markets for fresh local produce and prepare a great meal in your RV.

Fresh Air

City dwellers don’t realize just how bad the air often is in the their city until they head to the beach, mountains, or out into the countryside. Commuters spend hours on fume-ridden freeways, often in bumper to bumper traffic that is crawling along, so that they can sit in a cubicle in an air-conditioned office for 8 hours 5 days a week, rarely able to breath truly clean air.

Fulltime RVers get to enjoy fresh air often as the travel away from the congested areas. Being able to enjoy fresh mountain air, or the salt air at a secluded beach can make a difference to a person’s health as well as making them feel good as they pull that clean air into their lungs.

Less Stress

It is true that living in an RV day after day, month after month, can have many benefits it is not completely stress free, however compared to sitting on a congested freeway, or fighting crowds in shopping malls, or even trying to make it from point A to point B in a car without having a fender bender, life in a home on wheels is much less stressful. For many it is the one major selling point to giving up their brick and mortar home and opting to go where the road takes them.

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